Development overview of hub bearing industry

Automobile wheel accessories are the transmission parts connecting the automobile suspension mechanism and the automobile wheel. The main function is to undertake the weight of the automobile and provide precise guidance for the accurate transmission of the wheel. The wheel set unit accepts the load on the side and the load on the side at the same time, which is a very important safety component.

The first-generation wheel consists of two independent sets of tapered roller bearings or contact ball bearings, which are difficult to install. With the continuous development of automobile technology, automobile manufacturers and bearing manufacturers have jointly researched and developed new wheel fitting units to replace wheel fitting bearings. The wheel supplementary unit has been widely used, and the third-generation wheel bearing unit adopts the matching structure of the bearing unit and the anti-lock braking system (ABS). The design of the wheel device unit includes the inner method and the outer method, and the inner method is fixed on the drive shaft On, the outer law will be installed separately to install the vehicle.


The fourth-generation hub unit integrates the constant velocity universal joint and the hub unit into an integral part with compact structure, excellent performance, and easy installation. The spline shaft of the hub is removed, the weight of the hub bearing is reduced, the volume is reduced, and installation and disassembly are simplified. convenient. The geometric dimensions between the bearing and the constant velocity universal joint will not change during installation and use, which simplifies the process and optimizes the process. After one-time grease filling, it can be used almost permanently, reducing the overall production and use costs. The fourth generation of products is expected to be popularized on a large scale in the future.

Similar to the universal joint, the hub unit needs to be replaced after the vehicle has traveled a certain distance or has been used for a certain period of time.



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