Can the car's four-wheel bearing run tens of thousands of kilometers in normal driving? Depends on bearing quality, operating conditions

First of all, most of the wheel bearings used in automobiles are maintenance-free bearings, which also depends on the progress of manufacturing technology and material technology. The wheel support of this structure is not a maintenance part, so it does not need regular maintenance or replacement. Basically, when When something goes wrong, it is presumed to be replaced due to its manufacturing process and construction.

Replacement only, not repairable and reusable, wheel bearings are low maintenance components, but that doesn't mean they last forever, wheel bearings are a critical part of the wheel assembly that connects the steering wheel to the axle, allowing the wheel to roll smoothly with minimal friction .

Wheel bearings are designed to withstand the alternating loads caused by gravity, acceleration and centrifugal force, so when they stop working properly, they need to be replaced. The average life of wheel bearings is 136,000 to 160,000 kilometers, however, this is only our empirical judgment.

The actual service life of the steering wheel bearing depends on the quality and working conditions of the wheel bearing. The center bearing of the car is part of the transmission system. Generally, there are two center bearings on the front and rear axles, because the car has four wheels. Generally, We can't observe the quality of the hub bearing with the naked eye, we can only disassemble it to judge.

But we can also judge the quality of the hub bearing through the reaction of the road surface. Generally speaking, there are two situations in the road surface reaction. The first situation is that the transmission shaft has noise and vibration, and the second situation is that the front axle has noise and vibration. If you encounter these two situations, please go to the 4S shop to check the wheel bearings in time.

There is also a special situation that the ABS fault light and the side anti-skid light in the instrument are both on. Go to the 4S shop to check the computer and read the fault code of the ABS sensor at a certain position. This means that there is dust or iron filings in the distributor bracket. Just Just replace the wheel bearings. Bearing damage is mainly due to lubrication problems or the entry of foreign objects.

Whether it is four-wheel bearings, sleeve bearings or other bearings, lubricating oil is required inside, and certain impurities are not allowed to enter. Once poor lubrication or other impurities enter, it will cause abnormal wear of the bearings. Some four-wheel bearings are Those that can be repaired can be filled with grease, some are maintenance-free, and if they are broken, they are broken and need to be replaced.

Generally, it can be maintained. If it is maintained, it does not need to be replaced for a long time. It depends on luck if it is free of maintenance. However, the bearings are generally not broken, and most of them will have abnormal noise after 100,000 kilometers. The abnormal noise of the bearing is generally the higher the speed, the louder the abnormal noise! Ball bearings and needle bearings are rolling bearings.

Compared with simple bearings (bearing shells) used on crankshafts, the amount of wear during operation is greater, because the friction surface of ordinary bearings is separated during operation from the pressurized oil (so-called oil film), which supports and separates the two through friction. Metal surface, so the amount of wear is very low, as long as the oil is changed regularly.

Because the operation in a high temperature and high load environment (the impact of the piston moving up and down) has a great impact on the lubricating carrier of the oil, many cars have been driven for more than 200,000 yuan, and the bearings are not damaged. It has a lot to do with vehicle handling and chassis suspension , The car with good handling can avoid obstacles in time to reduce tire impact.

A high-quality suspension system can absorb energy when hitting the tire, which is very beneficial to load bearing. The bearing is more afraid of collision. A bearing plate is composed of about 20 steel balls. As long as one steel ball deforms, the bearing is basically wiped off. Therefore, When the tire collides with an obstacle, try to protect the bearing as much as possible.

Due to differences in manufacturing precision and material uniformity, even the same group of bearings of the same material and size used under the same working conditions have different service life. If the statistical life is 1 unit, the longest relative life is 4 units, the shortest is 01-02 units, the ratio of the longest to the shortest life is 20-40 times, 90% of the bearings will not produce pitting, and the number of revolutions or hours experienced is called the rated life of the bearing



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