What are the components of a car wheel and how are they assembled?

The automobile wheel assembly is mainly composed of the wheel assembly manufacturing additional connecting screws, nuts, bearing inner and outer rings, etc., and is an important part of the automobile wheel. The above units indicate that in order to ensure the accuracy of the product, the burr corrosion on each spare part must be removed and cleaned before assembly, so that the joint surface of each spare part is smooth and stable before installation.

1. Press-fit the outer ring of the wheel set bearing and install the wheel studs. The same type of wheel set is assembled with the same type of studs, the left and right studs must be assembled strictly according to the requirements, and the thread part is intact when the studs are pressed in. When there is a wheel hub equipped with an ABS ring gear, the ring gear and the end surface of the wheel should be flat, and the runout should be less than 0.2mm.

2. Combined hub The joint surface of the brake hub is required to be clean, and the burr of the brake hub hole should be removed. Hengding wheel hub unit means that when the wheel hub and the brake hub are combined, the bolts are tightened in a diagonal manner, pre-tightened first, and then tightened to the torque required by the technology.

3. The brake hub is an important part of the hub assembly, and the smoothness and runout of each piece must be guaranteed. The brake hubs that have been dynamically balanced must be randomly inspected in each batch after assembly. When balancing, the drilling diameter is required to be smaller than the diameter of 20. The depth is not greater than two-thirds of the wall thickness, the distance between two holes is greater than or equal to 2mm, and the drilling range shall not exceed one-third of the circumference. And use green paint to mark the end face of the bolt corresponding to the drilled hole, so that the wheel can be weighted.

4. In order to prolong the life of the hub assembly, different amounts of hp-r high-temperature grease for passenger cars or special grease for trucks should be filled in the hub cavity according to different models. Then press in the hub oil seal with a special jig.



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